I can only draw stick-figures. How can I learn to draw?
A common misconception is that you need natural-born talent to be a good artist. Did you know that the word "talent" comes from the meaning of "a learned skill?" Art is simply a skill that can be taught to anyone, given the desire to learn. From the Old Masters of the Renaissance to Picasso, they had years of instruction and practice from their own teachers. In my art classes, I teach a step-by-step method of technical skills that anyone can learn to draw!

What if my child is already very talented, or needs special attention? Do you have special classes?
No. I teach all ages and levels during a single class. Students will move through the program at their own pace. Even though it is a group lesson, I teach each child individually.

Will my child get enough attention in a group class?
It is a semi-private lesson with a max of six students. Drawing class starts off with learning and using new drawing skills immediately, so children work very independently. Each child has their own individual picture they are working on, and I coach them as they need help step-by-step. This way, they get individual attention as needed, but they don't feel like they have a teacher hovering over them and get frustrated from too much attention or correction.

Can I watch my child in class? How does pick-up and drop-off work?
As a courtesy to the neighbors, please park in driveway if possible. Drop your child off and they may come straight in through the front door. No need to knock. If the door is locked, it is still too early to begin class and children may wait on the patio.  For the best learning environment, parents may not attend or watch class. However, parents, siblings, etc. are welcome to arrive 10 minutes before the end of class for the mini art show, though this is not required. Again, you may walk in the front door without knocking. When class ends, any remaining children will be sent to wait on the patio where they can watch for you to pick them up.

What are they making and do they get to bring home their art after each class?
Children will be drawing with charcoal pencils on 18 X 24 inch newsprint. They color in the picture with soft pastels, which are then sprayed with a fixative. After we share our work at the end of class, their pictures will be rolled up to take home. Occasionally a child will not have completed their picture and they may leave it at class to complete the following week. The goal isn't "completion," but ending on a successful note they feel good about. These are large pictures to allow children to be loose and have plenty of space to work in shading, texture and other techniques. I recommend framing with a mat or photographing for digital storage. I have colored mat frames available for purchase at cost for an easy, affordable way to display artwork at home, or you can buy them yourself HERE.

Do I need to bring anything or buy anything ahead of time for class?
No, you do not need to purchase any art materials. Be sure to wear clothes that can get messy from colored pastel dust. All materials are provided and are included in your tuition. I will supply water and cups. If they need a snack, please take care of that before class; hungry and tired children have a hard time creating!

What if my child misses a class?
Please see "Absences, Vacations & Makeups" on the Policies Page, CLICK HERE.

My child has graduated into Watercolor. What supplies do I need?
Click here for the Watercolor Supply List.

Where can I purchase our own set of materials that are used in class?

  • Rembrandt Soft Pastels, Full Sticks Set of 15 $39 Amazon or Google for best price

  • General’s (or any brand) Charcoal Pencil. 6B (Softest)

  • Kneaded Rubber Erasers. Prismacolor preferred

  • Newsprint Paper Pad

  • Pastel Paper by Strathmore or Canson. Try the colored or tinted paper!

  • Any aerosol hairspray for fixative

  • Precut Matboard Frames - 18 X 24 outside dimensions for large pictures in art class

  • Portfolios for Storing Your Art

  • My favorite Art Store is www.blick.com and Amazon is now offering most supplies. For Michael’s & craft stores, make sure to use a coupon!

Updated 11/17/18