7th Grade Photo Shoot

7th Grade Photo Shoot

About Me

My Past

I was born in Torrance, CA on the 16th of June 2006, my sister over a year older than me. After 2 years in Southern California, we decided to move to Folsom and rent a house for Pre-K. My dad got a job as a librarian at William Jessup University. When I got into elementary school, we bought a new house on the other side of Folsom that was closer to the school. I second grade, we got our first big pet. For Christmas, our parents got us two twin agouti rabbits, named Yahoo and Google. Yahoo has a Y on his forehead and Google has a G around his neck. In 4th grade, we got a dog. Also, around that time, my mom made her own art teaching business. In 5th grade, I graduated into Folsom Hills Elementary School, where I currently attend.

Fun Facts

  • My favorite thing to do is ski in the winter and tube in the summer

  • My favorite animals are sea otters and dingoes

  • My favorite food is sushi/California rolls

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is cotton candy

  • My favorite places are Hawaii and Australia

  • I made a pointless website about a dog jumping once. Enjoy.

My Life Now

I am currently in 7th grade at Folsom Middle School. I play flag football and participate in Scouts and a nearby youth group. My best friend is Brodie Bell and i’ve known him since kindergarten. My favorite position in football is rusher because I am fast and am good at pulling flags. My sister is in 8th grade and we will both be going to Vista del Lago High School. My dad now works at the Folsom Public Library as the Senior Reference Librarian. Hope you learned something new about me! Have a great day.