Homeschooling Student Registration 2017-2018

Policies & Procedures

Class Arrival/Departure
Classes take place in my home located at 147 Big Valley Rd, Folsom, CA 95630 in the Willow Creek East neighborhood off Blue Ravine between Oak Ave Pkwy and E Natomas St. As a courtesy to the neighbors, please park in the driveway if possible. Drop your child off and they may come straight in through the front door. No need to knock. If the door is locked, it is still too early to begin class and children may wait on the patio. Visions parents: At your child's first class, please come in to drop off your Visions voucher if it has not already been emailed. Also at the first class, parent are welcome to a quick tour of the studio with your child and may stay a few minutes during the Intro lessonFor the best learning environment, parents may not attend or watch class. However, parents, siblings, etc. are welcome to arrive 10 minutes before the end of class for the mini art show. Again, you may walk in the front door without knocking. When class ends, any remaining children will wait outside on the patio for pick up.

Homeschooling Billing
The rate for Homeschooling students is $88 per month, as to be requested with your homeschool invoicing. Classes are month to month but you are welcome to request a semester's worth of vouchers/invoices. Material costs are included. YOU  MUST REQUEST YOUR INVOICE FROM YOUR HOMESCHOOL IN ADDITION TO SUBMITTING THIS FORM AND IN ADVANCE OF ATTENDING CLASS.

Absences, Vacations & Makeups
I DO NOT offer MAKEUPS or CLASS CREDIT for missed classes. I DO offer pro-rating of $22 per class with notification in advance of billing. Notify me of any need for pro-rating before that month's classes begin.  If you are going to miss a class due to illness, etc. I would still appreciate notification.

House/Studio Rules
Since the art studio is also my home, children will be limited to certain areas of the house. Outdoors, upstairs and carpeted areas are off-limits. There is a bathroom and cups for water so you do not need to send snacks or drinks.

Children’s Clothing
Due to pastels’ high pigment and dusty nature, your child’s hands and clothes will get messy! Don’t wear anything fancy, though stains should wash off.

Your tuition covers the high quality Rembrandt brand pastels and other materials used in class. Note that if your child graduates to watercolor you will be required to purchase those materials yourself so they have their own set to keep.

2017-2018 Class Schedule (Closures overlap with FCUSD School District Calendar)
Classes are month to month but I'm listing the schedule in semesters as a courtesy to plan your school schedule.

Semester 2: Tue January 9- Fri March 2
(Two months of classes at $88 each, $176/semester)

CLOSED for President's Day, Tuesday Feb 20th

Semester 3: Tue March 6- Fri June 1
(Three months of classes at $88 each, $264/semester)

CLOSED for Spring Break March 26-30
March's Spring Break closure will be made up during Apil's 5th week. 

WEEKLY CLASSES CLOSED Summer 2018 but OPEN for Summer Art Camps TBA

By filling out the Registration Form below you are signing up for class and agreeing to these Policies. After clicking the Sign Up button please remember to request your voucher/invoice from your Homeschool group.

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Social Media Sharing
I occasionally take photos of students' artwork to share on my Facebook page, website, marketing materials, etc. Images are artwork-only and do not include names or faces. You have my permission to repost artwork I have shared. If you wish to opt-out please check below.


Art Studio Location

147 Big Valley Rd
Folsom, CA 95630