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In Spring 2015 I launched my home business teaching art classes to children. 

I have experience both with the arts and working with children including:

  • KidzArt Instructor, K-2nd Grade
  • "Mission: Renaissance" Fine Art Instructor, K-6th Grade
  • Homeschooling Vendor for Visions, Inspire, South Sutter & Placer CORE
  • Custom Pastel, Watercolor & Oil Paint Artwork
  • FAME Art Docent Elementary School Volunteer
  • UC San Diego, B.A. in Visual Arts
  • Girl Scout Troop Leader, Seven Years and counting
  • Parenting my own 11 and 13 year old boy and girl
  • And I'm so proud of my current art class students who have won Crocker Art Museum & Yearbook Cover Art Contests!

About Art Classes

In my art classes, children will learn fine art skills that will last a lifetime. I teach a classical method of drawing and painting that anyone can learn. At the first class, students will be given the step-by-step tools to build a drawing and add colorful, true to life effects to make a beautiful work of art. Not only will they build technical skill, but they will gain self-confidence. This decreases frustrations and opens them up to the joy that comes with discovering their own creative success. While classes take place in a group-setting, I work one on one with each child to allow them to work independently and progress at their own pace.

Classes are ongoing, weekly 90 minute sessions. This gives ample time for children to take their time, clean up, and finish class with a mini art show. They will begin the program with drawing pictures and coloring them with pastels. Once they have mastered drawing they may progress to watercolor painting.

I look forward to helping your child "see" the world in a new way as they grow into independent and confident artists!